Friday, March 9, 2012

Photography Friday

I bet you thought I'd forgotten all about Photography Friday, huh? I've actually kind of missed it! Unfortunately, it's been wintertime. There's just not a lot to take pictures of this time of year. I live in a place where snow is an extremely rare event (thank goodness), but even with the warmer-than-usual winter, there's been a lot more brown than green outside.

So, it's been just recently that I've been able to get out and about with my camera. But now that the warm weather seems to really be on its way, and the world is starting to turn green again (we already need to mow our yard!), it's time for more Photography Friday! And hopefully this year I'll remember to bank a few good pictures to use next winter.

We took the kids to the Mardi Gras parade in Orange Beach, this year. It was a beautiful day, the Hubby happened to have a day off, and thanks to conflicting online reports as to the starting time of the parade, we ended up spending the whole day down there. It was loads of fun!

The tide was going out when we got there, and this is what it was leaving behind.

Writing their names in the sand...