Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coming Soon

Can I just say that I have never in my life been so relieved to see a Monday on its way? Because I am. So, so very relieved! I'm stuck on the tail end of what I'm pretty sure has been the longest week-and-a-half-or-so ever.

On the bright side, it's given me material for several blog posts!

So, coming soon: Olette's 5th Birthday Party! Thanksgiving! and Christmas Tree Decorating!

I know, I know-- you're just hanging on to the edge of your seat, aren't you?! Well, mark your calendar, because it all starts Monday. Or Tuesday. Monday might end up involving a lot of sitting on the couch and enjoying the sweet, sweet sounds of a perfectly empty, perfectly silent house!

Monday Edit: Time for a winter cold! And I'm not talking weather. I'm talking chicken soup, cheesy movies, and napping on the couch-- in between blowing my nose and eating cough drops like they're candy. I knew I was jinxing myself by declaring that Monday would be the day of bloggy awesomeness.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Yeah, I know, how are you going to even tell the difference?

Enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy, Busy

I love that I have a job. I really do. And I even kind of like my job, most days. But I'd forgotten how much even a part time job can cut into my spare time!

And yet? I am hosting Olette's birthday party here in a couple days. And then four days after that? Thanksgiving. I'm excited-- Olette's having a Minnie Mouse tea party birthday. And this will be my first time ever hosting Thanksgiving. I'm making my first turkey! And, oh yeah-- constantly taking breaks from my preparation to go to work. Which wouldn't be a huge problem if I happened to be one of those perpetually-on-top-of-things people. I'm not one of those. By a long shot. So this might get interesting.

And in between all that? Work (including the oh-so-fun "we close at midnight on the weekend for the holiday shopping season" shift). Getting my house not just clean, but company clean (I shampooed my carpet yesterday. So that's one thing off the list, anyway). For two separate occasions. Getting the kids to school and back every day, and keeping up with everything they've got going on right now.

So I'm a little [more] scatterbrained [than usual], lately. And since I missed my Photography Friday post last weekend (as part of an overall effort to be as absolutely lazy as possible until I had to go in and work until after midnight) I thought I'd give you a pretty picture today*:

I love a bright, bold, colorful sunset!

*This photo is mine and belongs to me. Please do not use it without my permission.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Conversations Kill (Me... From Laughing So Hard)

Me: You're up, you got your breakfast, you're almost done, and it's not even 7:00, yet. Who are you, and what have you done with my son?
Ben (in a spooky voice): It's a mystery that will remain mysterious forever...

Olette: Hey Ben! When we get home today, we should play some feetball!
Ben: That's dumb. And it's not even funny.
Olette: YES it is! It's like football, but you use both of your feet!!
Ben: Like I said. Dumb and not funny.
Me: Oh please, Ben. Most of your jokes involve the words "balls" or "poop." It's not like you're the authority on comedic genius.
Olette: Ok, I have a better one for you. Knock, Knock.
Ben (unenthused): Who's there?
Olette: Zombie Poop!
Ben (trying to sound as unenthused as before): Zombie Poop, who?
Olette: Fart!
Ben: *snickers*

*Loud Thud* *Sound of Olette crying as she comes out to the living room*
Olette: Moooommmmmyyyy.....
Me: What happened?
Olette: I walked into... *giggles, tries to go back to crying* I walked into the... *cracks up* never mind...

Ben: Cran-Apple juice?
Me: Yes, it's short for Cranberry Apple.
Ben: They should just call it "crapple." That's even shorter. *giggles* Crapple....

Olette (singing loudly in the bathtub): What's inside a phone? Batteries! What's inside a phone? Battieries! Batteries are inside a phone! Bat-ter-ries are in-side a phone! Oh yeah!

Ben (talking about the bonfire he went to at a friend's house): ...and we needed sticks to roast marshmallows, so we climbed a tree. And I almost fell, and I was just hanging there, so they put a wagon under me and I just landed in that.
Olette: That sounds dangerous.
Ben: Yeah, but it's really ok. See, tree-climbing is something kids used to do for fun. You know, way back before they invented video games and dvd players and stuff. Right, mom?!

*Ben and I are working on his science project-- putting together a paper skeleton*
Me: Ok, good. Now he needs a spine... good, now a pelvis.
Ben: *giggles*
Olette (who has been learning about rhyming words in school): A pelvis! Pelvis... Elvis! Hahaha!
Ben: What?! A pelvis Elvis?!
Together: Pelvis... Elvis... Elvis... Pelvis...
Me: Ok, enough.
Ben: Isn't Elvis a real person?
Me: Yes. He was the king of rock and roll. And he was famous for shaking his pelvis.
Ben: (Looks at me with a mixture of shock, horror, and disbelief, all rolled into one)
Me: What?
Ben: (Gets a little shifty-eyed) Nothing...
Me: (Lightbulb moment!) Oh, no! Ben, no! Pelvis! Not penis!
Ben (With a look of ultimate relief): Oooohhhhh.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids were super excited for Halloween this year, since living in a neighborhood means we could trick-or-treat door-to-door. (Before, we would have to drive to town, and usually ended up going to a church trunk-or-treat. Which is fun, but not door-to-door exciting, apparently.) Preparations began halfway through September when the first Party City costume catalog arrived in the mail. Ben and Olette scoured the pages, trying to decide on the perfect costume, and changing their minds twelve times a week. In the end, Olette was Sleeping Beauty and Ben decided to be a ninja (breaking his three-year Star Wars streak).

We had a mini pre-trick-or-treat party here, with a couple of their friends, and then costumed-up and went on our merry way. Unfortunately, it turns out that our neighborhood isn't really awesome for trick-or-treating. But there is another subdivision right across the highway, and between that and our neighborhood, the kids made out pretty well.

Once the kids just couldn't walk another step, we headed home, where we had hot cocoa and the kids busted into their candy, and commenced the craziest sugar-high I've ever seen. It was a great night. (The morning after was slightly less awesome, and consisted of a lot of, "But I'm sooo tired, I don't want to go to school...")

Ben, rocking the Ninja costume...

Olette, wearing her Princess-ness with pride...

I had to share this one-- My little Ninja walked right into a tree as I was taking the picture!

Trick-or-Treating with friends.
**These pictures are mine and belong to me. They are not to be used by anyone other than me for any reason whatsoever.**